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Vapes, an electronic cigarette that has taken the tobacco and smoking industry by storm. With revolutionary technology incorporated in RELX vapes, the popularity of RELX vapes in Australia is ever increasing. RELX vapes utilizes cutting-edge technology and world-class designs to create a revolutionizing vape. Simplistic and manufactured to a high degree of quality, RELX vapes also uses high quality e-liquid formula giving you the best vape experience possible, establishing itself as a strong contender among its competitors.

RELX vapes are on a mission to revolutionise that vaping experience for anybody looking for better alternatives to traditional cigarettes. The engineering ingenuity of RELX vapes allows itself to be user friendly, price friendly and delivery friendly. Most importantly, RELX vapes stand out among other vapes with its sleek, unique, and innovative design along with a lengthy battery life and short recharge time.

At Vaping Bus, we offer two forms of RELX vapes. The RELX infinity device and RELX Infinity Pod as well as the RELX Phantom Pod. The infinity device is a vaping pen, sleek, easily portable, and coming in an assortment of different design colours. The RELX infinity device is one of the most popular RELX vapes and extremely easy to use by many of our customers. The RELX pods come in different flavours allowing you to experience a different world of vaping

Vaping Bus are the vape experts you should rely on. We source a variety of vapes especially RELX vapes and are confident in their ability to provide you one of the best vaping experiences. Get your RELX vape today and see why we offer one of the best vaping experiences on the market!


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