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VapingBus is one of the most popular vape pods, devices and accessories provider. We are also the largest RELX vape distributor in Oceania. To have the best vaping experience, shop our carefully selected RELX vapes, HQD, IGET and MSML disposable vapes.

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Vapingbus - Online Vape Shop

Vapingbus is an online vape shop based in Australian and New Zealand. We offer a wide range of vapes including vaping pods and devices manufactured by RELX, IGET, HQD and MSML. You can absolutely find your favourite flavour among our fruity and freshing e-liquids!

Vaping has become the most popular form of nicotine consumption, surpassing the use of tobacco cigarettes. Vapingbus is an innovative solution for RELX vape and dispoable vape lovers . We got all the flavours that you want. Your vapes tour starts from here!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the material of RELX device and pod?

RELX Classic device is made of aluminum alloy with high strength and endurance. The shell material of cartridge is PCTG produced by Eastman in the US, which is mostly used to make aviation cups, milk bottle, etc. It is resistant to high temperature and will not release harmful substances, thus you can use it without any worries.

How long does a RELX vaping pod last?

Each pod carries e-liquid enough to last around 650 puffs. How fast or how slow you finish each pod is based entirely on your daily vaping habits and how much vapor you take in with each drag. Compared to the average lit cigarette (8-10 puffs), you're definitely coming out on top!

How long can the RELX vaping device last?

Our vape pens are made to last! Hardy and durable, a RELX device used normally and need only be replaced when the standard service life of the batteries begins to deteriorate, which usually takes around 2 years.

Compared vaping with combustible cigarettes, which can do more harm?

Most of the recent studies documenting the short-term effects of e-cigarette consumption conclude that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. This helps bring down health risks to smokers.

How much nicotine is in a RELX pod? and what Nicotine level should I use for a RELX pod?

Currently, we offer pods at three levels of nicotine concentrations, 0%, 3% and 5%.

As a company geared towards helping people in the world over transition to better alternatives, we support customers who are keen on decreasing their nicotine intake. Since nicotine is a stimulant that triggers the brain’s reward circuitry, it is completely normal for consumers accustomed to a higher concentration to initially find the use of lower-percentage nicotine pods less pleasurable.

What are the ingredients of the RELX e-juice/oil?

All RELX pod formulations utilize pharmaceutical-grade propylene glycol to stabilize the plant glycerin. RELX’s propylene glycol suppliers meet the US Pharmacopeia's specifications and standards.

Furthermore, our e-liquid delivers nicotine without the usual host of additives, chemicals, and toxins found in regular cigarettes, thereby greatly reducing the health risks posed by traditional tobacco products.

How do I get started with my RELX device?

First, please make sure you are using the right pods for your device: The RELX Classic device is compatible with RELX Classic Pods, while the RELX Infinity and Essential devices are compatible with RELX Pod Pros and RELX Pods.

Start by simply inserting the RELX pod into the RELX device.

What is the best way to store the RELX device?

Avoid storing a RELX device for more than two weeks on an empty charge. It is best to charge the device entirely and remove the RELX pod before storing.

As with all products containing nicotine or intended for use with the consumption of nicotine, store the RELX device out of reach of children and pets.

Can I take the RELX device and/or RELX pod on an airplane?

RELX devices are safe for travel, but most airlines restrict the use of vaporizers onboard the aircraft. Most airlines also have restrictions on devices with lithium batteries. Contact your airline or check the list of prohibited items provided by the airline company.

Exposure to extreme altitude changes can cause leakage in RELX pods. You should dispose of any partially used RELX pods before you board the aircraft and use a fresh one when you land. If your RELX pod leaks, it is best to avoid direct contact with the liquid.

If your hands come into contact with the liquid, please wash your hands with soap and water. You can still use a RELX pod if some e-liquid has leaked, after carefully wiping it off with a clean cloth or tissue before inserting it into your device. If the leakage persists, please contact info@vapingbus.com

Are RELX pods waterproof?

All RELX devices are not waterproof.

Can I open or refill my RELX pod?

To ensure products' safety and quality, RELX pods are not designed to be reused or refilled and should not be opened. Opening or otherwise tampering with the pod will render the warranty on the pod null and void.

How to clean your RELX vape?

During the first couple of months of owning it, you may notice it accumulates dirt and grime. Its performance and flavour output may become sub-par.If you want to get maximal usage out of your vape pen device, you need to clean it.Luckily, the cleaning process isn't overly complicated. We've outlined how to clean a vape pen in this article to make your device last for the long term. Please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

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What is Vaping Bus?

Vaping has become the most popular form of nicotine consumption, superseding traditional tobacco cigarettes. Realising this drastic shift in consumer preferences and options, Vaping Bus was created as an innovative vape shop solution to allow nicotine addicted smokers to transition from tobacco cigarettes and curb their nicotine cravings. Vaping Bus is an online Vape Shop based in New Zealand that offers a plethora of vaping devices in Oceania. We do same day deliveries to Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne where your order will be delivered by Express Post and will be delivered within 1-3 business days after placing your order.

What Products do we Offer?

As a vape shop, we believe in affordability, quality, and experience. That’s why we offer only the best vapes in the market. Vaping devices available at our vape shop, include popular brands such as RELX, IGET, HQD, and MSML. These high-quality vaping products offered at our Vape shop, are guaranteed to be the best quality vapes in the market, and to allow our customers to enjoy a variety of high quality vapes, we also include a variety of e-liquid flavours as well as making them extremely affordable!

Why Purchase from Us?

Our belief in quality and affordability means, we will never slack off on the quality of our vaping devices and that every vape at our vape shop is always a fair price. You will find no other vape shop that offers vapes at an astoundingly low price or discount and you can guarantee that their products are not as high quality as ours.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is simple. We want to spread the love and joy of vapes with the collections offered at our vape shop. Vaping can be fun and enjoyable and does not require the nicotine, which allows us to help nicotine craving users to slowly transition and rid themselves of their addiction, improving their lives, and saving money.

To allow vapers and traditional cigarette users the best possible experience, Vaping Bus was established to cater and provide for our fellow vaping enthusiasts. Vaping Bus is a vape shop providing Australians and New Zealanders with some of the highest quality vaping devices at an astoundingly affordable price! As a vape shop, we pride ourselves in quality, durability, affordability, and experience. Comes check our website today to see why we are one of the most highly rated vape shops!