The Best Relx Vape Device Mechanisms in Australia

Vaping products have become increasingly popular in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia. As the new alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes such as vapes are taking to the storm. Relx Australia, is one of many vape searches alongside Relx Melbourne and Relx Sydney for Relx vaping products. Relx vapes have truly revolutionised the vaping industry, with their sleek designs, easy to use gadget and impactful flavours that give you a satisfying puff. Today we will look into the mechanism of Relx Vape devices and how they function.


E-Liquid Pod Storage

Relx Vape devices function similarly to a humidifier. The functionality of a Relx vape is fairly simple to understand and its principles are not rocket science. Relx Australia vape pens contain a pod which stores the e-liquid. This e-liquid pod is generally at the top of the vape pen and can be customised with a variety of different e-liquid colours. For clarity, the e-liquid mainly contains propylene, glycol, glycerol, nicotine and of course your favourite e-liquid flavours. Generally, Relx Australia vape pens can be refillable in terms of their flavour. This entirely depends on whether you have purchased a refillable Relx Australia Vape or a disposable Relx Australia vape.


Vaping Functionality and Vaporiser

The bottom half of the Relx Australia device includes the battery as well as other power supply parts. The battery of the Relx Australia device can be interchangeable depending on which vape product is used or purchased. With the battery from the vapouriser, the Relx Australia Vape pen generates heat using the battery which causes the e-liquid to warm up. At a certain temperature the e-liquid in the Relx Australia device begins to evaporate and is exited at the top of your device. The e-liquid itself undergoes a chemical reaction of evaporation which causes it to become atomised vapour, giving Relx vapes the puffing appearance.


Vaping Experience

Vaping can be enjoyable or it can be easily broken with the experience. There are two methods which are Mouth to lung and Direct Lung inhalation. Mastering the proper inhalation will allow for a smoother and better vaping experience. Check out our other articles such as how to vape.



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