WAKA Smash 6000 Puffs

WAKA Smash 6000 Puffs

Meet the WAKA Smash 6000 Puffs – our most compact yet potent disposable vape that comfortably fits in your pocket and feels just right in your hand. With its bold curves and flowing corners, it's a stylish accessory that makes a statement while delivering a high-performance vaping experience.


  • Puff Count: Up to 6000
  • Atomizer: MESH
  • Capacity: 12ml
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Power: 10~11W


Key Features

At the heart of the WAKA Smash is the revolutionary 9-layer FlavorLock technology that maintains freshness from the first puff right through to the 6000th. Say goodbye to burnt tastes and hello to consistent, rich flavors throughout your vaping journey. The MESH Coil 2.0 technology further ensures maximum richness with every puff, enhancing your vaping experience to new heights.

User Experience

Designed with user satisfaction in mind, the WAKA Smash offers a unique combination of convenience and performance. Each device undergoes stringent testing – including 23 standard battery tests, 15 quality E-liquid tests, AFNOR standard emission test, and CE qualification – as part of our commitment to delivering a reliable and safe vaping experience. All this is encapsulated in our smallest and most aesthetically pleasing design yet.

A single WAKA Smash offers an impressive 6000 real puffs, with a 12ml e-liquid capacity and a super-fast-charge 500mAh pure cobalt battery (80% charge in just 35 minutes). This pocket powerhouse has a power rating of 10-11W and 2% nicotine content, guaranteeing a satisfying vape throughout the week.


Aloe Grape, Apple Surge, Banana Coconut, Blackberry Surge, Cherry Lime, Double Apple, Fresh Mint, Green Grape, Juicy Black Currant, Lychee Orange, Mango Melon Aloe, Mango Orange, Peach Kiwi Melon, Pear Sparkle, Pineapple Melon, Pink Lemonade, Pomegranate Pop, Strawberry Grape, Strawberry Raspberry, Watermelon Chill.

Elevate your vaping experience with the WAKA Smash 6000 Puffs – a perfect blend of style, convenience, and advanced vaping technology. Experience the freshness and richness of our innovative design and see why the WAKA Smash is the disposable vape of choice for discerning users. Try it for yourself today and let WAKA Smash exceed your expectations.

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