RELX Infinity Device (4th Gen)

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$47.99 $70.00
RELX Infinity Device is the RELX 4th generation vape device (RELX infinity & Phantom Compatible). It is reddot 2020 winner and a gift for vape lovers.


Wireless charging ultra long endurance built-in magnetic charging interface: no need to align the plug cable, put it down for instant charging, and then various accessories will unlock more scenes. Stable temperature control: control the peak temperature of the atomizing core at about 230 ℃, improve the heating stability, and make the smoke become delicate and smooth.

Ergonomic proportion: after 26 times of precise modeling adjustment, the rounded concave curve comfortably wraps the lip bead and lip peak, with a strong fit, and no air leakage.

Specially researched formula: RELX has developed special oil formula for Infinity Series. In addition to a more obvious sense of taste hierarchy, the smoke will converge into a cluster and feel full in the mouth.

Leak proof silicone adhesive: better fit and wrap the atomization core to prevent the smoke oil from seeping out of the oil storage bin. 11 layer labyrinth structure: super long labyrinth structure to lock the condensate and smoke in the atomization bin. 0.35 mm oil screen: the liquid surface tension formed by the smoke oil at the 0.35 mm hole position just offsets the gravity, and forms a final partition with a distinctive structure and innovative root leakage prevention in combination with the surrounding cotton pads.

  • RELX 4th generation

  • 1 Device + 1 Type-C Cable + 1 User Manual

  • Battery capacity: 380mAh

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I bought my first infinity device about six months ago. I loved it! Smooth, compact, rechargeable and best of all it had these neat little pods instead of having to buy juice, coils, tanks etc. I’ve bought several more, which were great, like the first one; just the best solution ever!! Then when they were about two months old they stopped holding a charge. ? Worn out battery? Then the latest one failed to charge altogether! It did not show a red or green light when I connected it to my laptop to charge, nor did it vibrate. The previous ones had been fine, with no connection or charging issues.
I would like them to last more than a few months but was very happy with the device/pod system overall. I my eyes it was ingenious!
Now, I feel disheartened. Will the next one charge? Should I even order another?

Shabnam Abrahams

Great Vape

Khoa Le

Good 👍

Excellent Product

small and convenient

John Morallo
100% legit and great stuff!

100% legit and great stuff!

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