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RELX Pod Pro has special tobacco oil formula for the Infinity series. In addition to a more obvious sense of taste hierarchy, the smoke is more converged into a cluster, and there will be a sense of fullness in the mouth.

The nicotine content of RELX 4th generation Infinity Pod Pro is 3% – 5%, without tar or pickling, clean, fresh, and environment-friendly. Each pod contains 1.9ml of tobacco oil and of 650 puffs, which is equivalent to 3 packs of cigarettes. The large capacity extends the use time of each pod, reduces the replacement frequency of pods, and gives you a more convenient and environmentally friendly user experience as an electronic cigarette user.

Leak-proof silicone adhesive: better fit and wrap the atomization core to prevent the smoke oil from seeping out of the oil storage bin. 11-layer labyrinth structure: super long labyrinth structure to lock the condensate and smoke in the atomization bin. 0.35 mm oil screen: the liquid surface tension formed by the smoke oil at the 0.35 mm hole position just offsets the gravity, and forms a final partition with a distinctive structure and innovative root leakage prevention in combination with the surrounding cotton pads. If you are looking for RELX devices and more RELX products, please have a look at our RELX collection.

  • RELX 4th generation

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Nikki Latham
Great service.

Recently I made a transaction. One of my items I purchased wasn’t in stock at the time. I had a fast response to this. Vaping bus messaged me to ask if I would be happy to swap my product for in stock item. Very happy and satisfied with the prompt service. I would highly recommend Vaping bus.

Excellent Service

Ordering was easy, delivery was the next day! Great product, thank you:)
I have had some leakage and not others have too. Keen to know if this is being rectified.

Gift Khantasinee Vorathong
Not happy this time

Quite disappointed this time My pods 4 blueberry leaking badly the rest are ok last time one still acceptable but not 4 and burn my device
Delivery are good on time

Mary Ann Nicolas
Still waiting for the items

Hi there, still waiting for my orders. It's supposed to arrive today still waiting for it. And I didn't receive any message or call from the courier or even with the post office. I'm a bit disappointed with this outcome😔
Hopefully there's nothing wrong and to receive it anytime.

Jo Anne Satler

Love the pods but some I’m getting are leaking and I can taste the favourite on my lips and it’s not good I have had about 5 now that has done it

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