Adelaide’s Best Vape Brand!

Vaping products have become increasingly popular in Melbourne, Sydney, Australia, and now in Adelaide they are bursting in popularity. As the new alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes such as vapes are taking to the storm. RELX Adelaide, is one of many vape searches alongside RELX Melbourne and RELX Sydney for RELX vaping products. RELX Adelaide vapes have truly revolutionised the vaping industry, with their sleek designs, easy to use gadget and impactful flavours that give you a satisfying puff. Today we will investigate why RELX Adelaide has become the best Vape Brand.


Highly Affordable

The RELX Adelaide devices have varying strength levels in terms of e-liquid concentration to really satisfy that nicotine cravings or to give smokers a better experience to help curve their addictions and get them to quit smoking. With 3 strength levels to choose from 0%, 3% and 5%, customising this vape to your preference is a bliss among many vapers that wish they could customise their e-liquid concentration to better suit them. Aside from aiding in nicotine cravings, the RELX Adelaide products are highly affordable compared to traditional cigarette and tobacco users.


Great Manufacturing Design

The popularity of RELX Adelaide products cannot be underestimated. RELX Adelaide vapes come with a sleek, modern, classy, and exquisite design that provides some of the best vaping experiences possible! Not only are the designs unique and distinct, but they are also easily portable and are compactly designed.


Vape Experience

RELX Adelaide devices provide a tight but easy draw experience when vaping. The hit of a cigarette is highly emulated with RELX Adelaide Vapes when you pull a puff. Long, short, medium drags or puffs from the RELX Adelaide device are very simple to do without getting a dry hit or burnt. The throat hit is a solid experience without that feeling of scratchiness. However, if you are a heavy smoker or vaper, it is recommended to alter the nicotine dosage to a harder hit.   



RELX Adelaide vapes are some of the most popular vapes on the vaping market. With a variety of devices customised with a plethora of flavours, RELX Adelaide vapes are loaded and ready to provide you with the best vaping experience possible! To allow vapers and traditional cigarette users the best possible experience, Vaping Bus is here to provide! Vaping Bus provides Australians with some of the highest quality RELX vaping devices at an astoundingly affordable price! What are you waiting for, come check out our quality selection of RELX Adelaide vapes!

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