Introducing the RELX Infinity Vape!

The RELX Infinity vape is a quality vape prefilled with e-liquid solution and part of RELX’s line-up of high quality, user intuitive, and smooth vaping experience for beginners and veterans. If you have ever come across the RELX Infinity, today we will be having a small introduction to the RELX Infinity vape device.


What is RELX Infinity?

RELX Infinity is an electronic cigarette that heats up the nicotine-laced liquid to create vapor, which the user then inhales, creating a satisfying vape experience. The RELX Infinity is supposedly safer than traditional cigarettes due to there being no combustion of chemicals and it is also a disposable device with plenty of puffs to last. RELX Infinity is a relatively small vape weighing in at only 25 grams allowing it to be easy for portability and storage.


RELX Infinity Battery Specifications

The RELX Infinity is a rechargeable vape that uses a type-C cable. RELX Infinity can have two charging cases, a 1000 mAh or 1500 mAh capacity. In rough estimations, the RELX Infinity will be recharged in around 45 minutes. On a full battery, RELX claims that the RELX Infinity can support up to 500 to 700 puffs. To be more specific, RELX Infinity devices will last depending on the duration of each puff and the interval as well as your history as a previous cigarette user. As RELX Infinity has a lower concentration of nicotine compared to traditional cigarettes, a nicotine addict may lower the puffs to 300-400 depending on their cravings.


RELX Infinity Flavours

RELX Infinity come in an assortment of flavours. Our users love these flavours as they bring excitement and something unique in the market and provide some of the highest quality vaping experiences. Our collection of RELX Infinity vaping products is also expanding, and our users can be guaranteed to enjoy quality, affordability and an amazing vape experience from us!



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