Why is RELX Vape so popular?

What is RELX?

RELX is the game-changer people have been waiting for, and it is not only for the conventional smoker; but it is also for the vape lovers. RELX is a breakthrough electronic cigarette company that combines significant research, world-class design, and cutting-edge technology into one revolutionizing vape. Its simplistic use, and high-quality e-liquid formula sets it apart from other electronic cigarettes. We are here to help you live a life that is more refreshed than ever before, whether you want to transition to a nicotine free life or find the perfect nicotine replacement.

RELX was founded in 2017, and when they built their pod kits, their key concerns were predominantly ensuring high quality and safety for their customers. Focusing solely on welcoming newcomers to the realm and simplicity of vaping, they intended to set themselves apart from their competitors by resolving vape design inconsistencies or annoyances, appealing to enjoyable and diverse flavours, ease of usage, and a pleasurable experience.

Thanks to RELX's small and basic design, you can literally take it with you anywhere. RELX devices are built of high-quality materials that pass the testing required for materials used in infant pacifiers, and they have a button-less operation, a long-lasting battery, and fashionable appearances that stands out from other clunky competitor’s designs.

RELX E-Cigarettes are also extremely portable. You can take your device with you everywhere you go because to its elegant design and straightforward user experience, providing you the freedom to mingle with friends and family without worrying about secondhand smoke. It is the perfect cigarette substitute; watch as it introduces you to a whole new world.)

RELX also provides a diverse range of e-liquid tastes, from basic mint to energizing lemon tea, so there's a pod for every occasion and taste. The ceramic coil also creates a cleaner and more consistent draw, while RELX's magnetic open-and-click system makes replacing the leak-proof pods very convenient.

The popularity of RELX

Even though RELX is a relatively new vape startup, they have already raised $5.8 million from their early funding. With a bold vision to revolutionize the vaping experience for all individuals searching for a better alternative to traditional cigarettes as a brand. RELX allows their clients from all around the world to vape anywhere with zero effort by making their vape products user-friendly, price friendly and delivery friendly.

RELX focuses on producing beautiful and sophisticated vape devices, as opposed to other vape devices on the market. Their e-cigarettes and vape pens are noted for their short recharge time and lengthy battery life.

The best aspect about RELX is that it improves your vaping experience by employing a new, unique airway design. RELX allows you to vape for hours and whilst still being able to get a smooth draw with each puff.

RELX Pod System Vape

The RELX Pod System Vape is a pen-style device that is both tiny and lightweight, making it ideal for both new and experienced vapers. The device is a closed pod system with RELX nicotine salt-based flavour pods that are pre-filled and carefully engineered to offer a smooth and pleasurable experience. From their infinity pod pro, to their phantom pod pro and MSML pods, each pod is designed with unique flavours and shape, overall allowing you an assortment of flavours to try out.

The RELX Classic is a well-known prefilled starter vape that can be found all around the world. The Classic is a straightforward gadget. It has magnetic drop-in pods and is lightweight and small. It features a 2 mL pod capacity that is TPD-compliant and uses FEELM atomization with a tiny honeycomb wicking design. Surprisingly, the RELX Classic offers a massive flavour menu that is truly available. The prefilled pods are available in nicotine salt concentrations of 3% or 5%.

Prefilled Pod System RELX Essential

The RELX essential prefilled kit is a brand-new disposable pod system for inhalation through the mouth and lungs. They come with a 2ml pre-filled e-liquid juice. The RELX essential gadget is a vaper that is small, portable, and simple to use.

For people who are attempting to quit smoking, the RELX essential package is an excellent option. It satisfies cigarette cravings by resembling a cigar and providing enjoyable sensations. It is the most effective method for assisting you in quitting smoking. Cigarette smoking has a negative impact on your health. These RELX kits are extremely comfortable and far less dangerous than cigarettes.

The RELX essential prefilled devices are a small, compact pod system with a long-lasting 350mh battery. Each prefilled pod e-liquid has a 1.9ml capacity, allowing users to vape the whole day. When the charge on RELX kits wears off, they may be recharged and used again. The RELX essential kit is designed in the shape of a cigarette.

How RELX Pod is different from others?

Pod Vaping has gone a long way in the last year or two, thanks to a heavy concentration on pod mods and nicotine salts. However, the advancements in this area have mostly benefited intermediate vapers who desire variable coil choices and open pod systems. There has not been as many new alternatives for super beginner vapers searching for a simple solution, but RELX has designed a kit that can finally change that.

Entry-level kits are often effective at delivering a substantial nicotine dose for transitioning smokers who desired a higher nicotine content e-liquid, with more flavour. Initial flavour options were usually restricted to tobacco, menthol, and a berry flavour, but as more consumers were attracted to fruit, candies, and desserts over single-note menthol and tobacco alternatives, the old single-note menthol and tobacco options were no longer cutting it for the new generation of vapers.

The RELX kit comes with closed pods that make vaping simple, and their manual draw activation delivers a similar feeling to the cigarettes that smokers are seeking to find an adequate replacement. A wide variety of flavours in a high-nicotine solution is fantastic in and of itself, but the coil technology and leak-proof construction elevate it even further. Vaping should be simple, clean, and hassle-free. At RELX we ensure that your transition from cigarettes to our vapes will not require any coil replacements, refilled pods, or buttons for an ease of accessibility.

Buy a RELX vape now and be part of the revolution! For any inquiries or questions feel free to contact us by email: info@vapingbus.com


RELX essential pods are one of the greatest pod gadgets for assisting you in quitting smoking. RELX, on the other hand, has established itself as one of the greatest vape manufacturers and has amassed a fortune as a result of its high-quality products. RELX is a new generation of vaping technology that blends aesthetics with particular designs to create systems that are more complex and cost-effective. The vape pens are easy to charge and last a long time.

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