Why you should Purchase from RELX

RELX is a very popular brand for vape beginners across the world. RELX’s popularity has continued to spread across nations and among vaping enthusiasts. Afterall, RELX has many simple devices that are lightweight, compact, and easy to use puff technology. Another bonus feature is they are highly affordable! Today we will investigate why you should consider purchasing from RELX.


Size and Feel

The RELX devices are designed to be simple depending on which RELX product you purchase. First and foremost, RELX devices are very compact and small allowing them to be highly portable in bags, pockets, or bags. They are also firm enough to allow a comfortable grip on the vaping device without being slippery and loose. The weight of the RELX devices is also highly lightweight, meaning you would not be able to notice.


Vape Experience

RELX devices provide a tight but easy draw experience when vaping. The hit of a cigarette is highly emulated with RELX Vapes when you pull a puff. Long, short, medium drags or puffs from the RELX device are very simple to do without getting a dry hit or burnt. The throat hit is a solid experience without that feeling of scratchiness. However, if you are a heavy smoker or vaper, it is recommended to alter the nicotine dosage to a harder hit.


Flavour Experience

With e-cigarettes, RELX has developed a variety of unique and amazing e-liquid flavours! What is e-liquid though? Glad you asked, e-liquid is the ingredient incorporated into RELX vapes that becomes vapour, giving you that unique vaping and puff experience. Now with e-liquid, RELX has incorporated flavours such as peach, strawberry, watermelon, apple, and many more to enhance your vaping experience. These flavours are a major element of RELX vapes and are synonymous with being bold and unique for users, you will find no other vapes with as unique and inspiring flavours than at RELX.



RELX is a highly popular vape brand on the vaping market. With a variety of devices customised with a plethora of flavours, RELX is ready to provide you with the best vaping experience possible! To allow vapers and traditional cigarette users the best possible experience, Vaping Bus is here to provide for your vaping needs! Vaping Bus provides Australians with some of the highest quality RELX devices at an astoundingly affordable price! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or purchase your RELX Vapes!

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