MBAR Mania Magic Vapes

Packed in a variety of amazing flavours as well as from 3 different choices of MBAR to choose from, it can get quite difficult to decide which MBAR to buy. That is why we have collated a little bit of information about the MBAR product line-ups we have on offer at Vaping Bus to help you make a better-informed decision on which MBAR to purchase.

MSML Device

The MBAR MSML device is towards on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of vape products offered at Vaping Bus. With only 5 options to choose from dark night black, rose gold, starry purple, blue pink, and pearl white. The MBAR MSML device is also stylishly designed to provide a unique vaping experience whilst also being able to show off to your mates and friends for its glossy and standout design.


The MBAR pod is quite an adorable collection offered here at Vaping Bus. The vape is designed in a unique and interesting way whereby the flavour is represented by the colour scheme and images decorated on the MBAR Pod. With more than 24 flavours and a very smooth and easy way to draw the vape, this is one of those vapes with a strong (3.5% strength level) and amazing vape experience.

MBAR Disposable Pod

The classic MBAR Disposable pod from MSML’s product line-up is very popular and with many of our collections sold out at Vaping Bus, you will be in safe hands buying any of these flavours! Currently on sale and still available are our fruit mix, ice lemon lime, and mango ice. Yes, that’s right MBAR disposable pods currently only have 3 available flavours as all the other 8 flavours have been completely sold out!


Vaping bus are the experts in sourcing and acquiring vapes at an affordable quality price point for our vape customers. The vapes we provide are some of the finest on the market and are stylish, innovative and offer a great vape experience! Buy a MBAR Pod today and have a unique vaping experience that will be memorable and refreshing! Or you could buy the MBAR MSML Marshmallow pod or get a classic and sexy MBAR MSML Device!

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