RELX Pod New Flavours!

RELX Pod is a different type of vape from our RELX selection. You are quite used to seeing the RELX vape pens such as infinity device or the newly released WAKA RELX selection. The RELX Pod is a 4th generation vape made by RELX and is a pod vape. A bit clunkier in terms of design concepts but also very simplistic and designed to give you a hell of a great vaping experience. The RELX Pod has varying strength levels in terms of e-liquid concentration to really satisfy that nicotine craving or to give smokers a better experience to help curve their addictions and get them to quit smoking. With 3 strength levels to choose from 0%, 3% and 5%, customising this vape to your preference is a bliss among many vapers that wish they could customise their e-liquid concentration o better suit them.

RELX Pod also has up to a staggering 38 different flavours! Many fan favourites of these flavours include lush tobacco, iced latte, sunset paradise, zesty sparkle, Jasmin green tea and many more enticing flavours! Nevertheless, RELX stand out to innovate and provide for the market by coming up with new, original unique and diverse flavours for adventurous vapers to experience. That is why there are a few new RELX vape flavours that have arrived at Vaping Bus! Ginger tea, fragrant fruit lychee, exotic passion, and raspy ruby are just some of the exciting flavours that we have in our RELX collection at Vaping Bus. Some of these flavours to name a few have been carefully engineered by RELX to provide a unique flavour to give you that extra elevated feeling of vape bliss.

Nevertheless, RELX vapers might still want to fall back on the classic original best selling vape flavours. That is why we have also listed some of the favourite RELX Pod flavours to remind you of the plethora of amazing choices that you can choose from. Starting from our favourite, the Tangy purple followed by Dark Sparkle imitating frozen coke, Fresh Red for a good old juicy and sweet watermelon, sunny sparkle to give you that fizzy feeling of a good orange soda! These are just some of the favourites we and our customers at Vaping Bus enjoy and we guarantee that you will love them!


Vaping bus are the experts in sourcing and acquiring vapes at an affordable quality price point for our vape customers. The vapes we provide are some of the finest on the market and are stylish, innovative and offer a great vape experience! Buy a RELX POD today and have a unique vaping experience that will be memorable and refreshing!

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