WAKA Vape Pen Introduction

Who is excited for another stylish and highly popular Vape pen coming to Vaping Bus? Oh boy are you vapers in for a treat! Currently on sale for all 5 amazing flavours! The WAKA SOLO x RELX disposable vapes have arrived and are in high demand here at Vaping Bus! With 5 flavours ranging from Blueberry Dream, Cherry Bomb, Pineapple Slice, Strawberry Ice and Watermelon Chill. These disposable vapes come packing with a unique flavour to enhance your vaping experience. A unique refreshing and fruity chill with each exhale. WAKA SOLO RELX vape is also compact and easily carriable in a purse or bag, making it a very convenient vape pen. Moreover, since it is a disposable vape, when you are done with the vape, you can discard it appropriately and buy yourself a new one to try another different, bold but also refreshing flavour for your vape experience!

The WAKA SOLO RELX Vape is a vape pen designed by RELX in a stylish and simplistic manner. Created with simplistic mechanical design whilst offering an easy and intuitive manner of vaping, a LED light indicator indicates the battery life whilst also ensuring the battery lasts for a long time. Moreover, the flavour of each of these vape pens, provides a nice kick that tastes exactly what you are expecting from the product’s flavour description.

Flavour Description

Blueberry Dream offers a little zesty flavour from a lime perfectly infused with blueberries and blackberries to give off a sweet and refreshing puff. The cherry bomb feels like a bomb of flavourful cherries from ripe cherries with a hint of red grapes giving you a sugary but also sweet flavour with a puff. Pineapple Slice is sweet, tart and has a nice tingling kick left after you puff. A very simplistic flavour but also a unique and slightly daring flavour for the adventurous. Strawberry Ice and Watermelon chill are one of the more popular flavours that offer a refreshing and relaxing sense you get when you eat a light-hearted and healthy fruit salad.


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