The Popularity of MBAR Pods

Perfect for beginners into the world of vaping as well as offering a means of finally escaping the clutches of nicotine addiction for traditional cigarette users. MBAR disposable pods are one of the most popular vape products out there and are becoming more and more popular among existing, new, and transitioning smokers. So why are MBAR disposable pods so popular?

Convenient and Long Lasting

MBAR disposable pods are highly convenient. Crack it open and vape, no hassle with refilling or finding an e-liquid to put in or worry about the battery life. MBAR disposable pods have you all covered, they have done all the work in allowing you to have a lasting and fulfilling vape experience. Each MBAR disposable pods last between 1600 to 3500 puffs. Quite a staggering amount for a disposable vape considering how many other disposable vapes on average offer around 900 vapes per vape. Moreover, with its small design, it is very easy to bring around and transport compared to a packet of cigarettes or other bigger vapes. Small enough to fit in a small handbag, and light enough to barely notice any weight differences.


With an aluminium and rubber as well as an easy draw system. MBAR disposable pods are engineered to literally make it an easy-to-use vape. With a secure design to prevent leaks and to contain the e-liquid inside, MBAR disposable pods go above and beyond with their engineering marvel. A simple design that provides a more satisfying draw compared to other vapes. You will not have to struggle with the draw and have an easy time using the simplistic mechanical design of the vape.

Variety of Flavours

Flavours are an enticing reason for many vapers to choose the MBAR disposable pods. With a variety of flavours to choose from that provide a heightened experience of vaping or for something more comfortable and relaxing, MBAR disposable pods have perfected the flavour of vapes. Flavours for the MBAR disposable pods also help many traditional cigarette smokers transition away from cigarettes and tobaccos to quitting their addiction. By providing a comfortable and similar flavour to tobacco, cigarette smokers are not daunted by the vape flavours and can work hard to quit their smoking addiction.


VapingBus are the experts in sourcing and acquiring vapes at a quality price point for our customers. Each vape is affordable and packed with a variety of flavours that will enhance any vape experience even for the most adventurous. Check out our MBAR disposable pods collection and buy yours today!

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