HQD Vape Flavours

HQD vape products are one of the biggest competitors out there for disposable vapes as well as boasting one of the best maximum puffs for a disposable vape. Like all other vapes, HQD vapes also have a plethora of flavours that may seem daunting for other individuals, that is why Vaping Bus have you covered with our recommendation from our selection of HQD Vape flavours.

Fresh Berries

A fruity punch mixed with a variety of fruity flavours giving you that satisfying taste. This HQD vape flavour fresh berries is a great start for HQD vapes. A friendly flavour that has no surprises and is exactly what you want and expect from a flavour called fresh berries.

Blueberry Raspberry

Quite an odd combination blueberry and raspberry but we guarantee that it is one of the most popular HQD vape flavours from our customers! Blueberry Raspberry offers a sweet, delicate, and impactful flavour upon each puff. Although it may be a bit sweet or unique to vapers, once you have a few puffs we guarantee that you will enjoy this customer favourite and our favourite as well!

Apple Crush

Looking for something a bit sweeter and tarter without strong flavours but something quite comfortable that you eat as a fruit. Apple Crush is another HQD Vape flavour we highly recommend for our customers. Our customers also enjoy the flavour and impact of this HQD vape flavour.

Ice Mint

Prefer something more refreshing with a bit of a cold vibe? Our recommendation is the HQD vape flavour Ice mint. Chilling flavours with a refreshing aftertaste are what Ice mint is about. This HQD vape flavour gives a refreshing punch without a nicotine aftertaste, allowing you to enjoy each puff.

Kiwi Pomegranate

For those looking for a more citrusy flavour with a bit of zesty impact. Kiwi Pomegranate is the HQD vape flavour to go to. Kiwi Pomegranate is a fairly popular recipe for people to enjoy a healthy snack or dessert after dinner. A familiar taste and experience are what a Kiwi Pomegranate offers for a HQD vape that you are bound to enjoy!


HQD vape flavours are unique and adventurous for an average vaper. However, with our choices of HQD Vape flavours we guarantee that your vaping experience will be a great puff! Get your HQD vapes today at Vapingbus, the experts in offering you quality and affordable vapes!

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