MBAR Pods Flavours

Another customer fan favourite is the MBAR disposable pods. Like many other vapes, the MBAR vapes also comes in a variety of different flavours that are confusing and perplexing in terms of which one to choose. VapingBus have you covered here and have assorted through some of the MBAR flavours we offer and compiled our list of favourites. Let us enjoy some of these MBAR Vape flavours!

Ice BlueBerry

Blueberries are a berry with a sweet taste with a bit of acid. Some may also consider them the sweetness of red grapes combined with the tart flavour of green grapes. A delicious and addictive fruit. That is why Ice BlueBerry is our recommendation. An icy flavour with that punch of a blueberry flavour is exactly what you want in a MBAR disposable pod as well as an enjoyable vaping experience.

Ice Lemon Lime

We all enjoy a good lemon lime bitters mocktail or cocktail. Although there is nothing bitter in Lemon Lime, Ice Lemon Lime is a flavour reminiscent of a good old lemon lime bitters. This flavour combined with MBAR disposable pods is a perfect combination for that hint of zest and refreshing lemon lime acidity that is just acidic and refreshingly sweet at the same time.

Ice Watermelon

A refreshing cold watermelon with a fruity and an icy punch! MBAR disposable pod flavoured ice watermelon is one of the iconic sweet flavours with a strong punch of flavoury goodness. Each puff makes you feel like you are eating a watery and sweet watermelon, making you enjoy your vape even more!

Ice Lychee

Lychee has a taste like a strawberry and watermelon with a bit of citrus. The sweet strong aroma of a lychee is quite a popular and intriguing flavour for a vape. We recommend Ice Lychee for MBAR disposable pod as it is a unique flavour that is adventurous but also not too strong or uniquely different from other flavours that will make you dislike the vape.

Grape Ice

Hallelujah Grape lovers! MBAR disposable pods also offer the favourite ice grape flavour imitating the sensation of when you bite into a juicy grape and enjoy the burst of that refreshing fruit. Ice Grape is a comfortable flavour for many vapers but also a very refreshing aftertaste of sweetness.


MBAR disposable pods are one of the popular vapes on the market that we source a plethora of flavour options. Vapingbus have you covered with acquiring quality e-liquid formula and vape products. Get your MBAR disposable pod today!

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