RELX Pod Flavours

RELX Pods are some of the most popular and distinguishable vapes in the market. With stylish, modern, easy to use and a variety of flavours, choosing a RELX pod flavour can be quite daunting when deciding which flavour to experiment. Buying the wrong flavour or being too adventurous to only buy a flavour you dislike can ruin the easy and enjoyable vaping experience. That is why we at VapingBus have compiled some of our customer favourites and recommendations to make your decision easier!

Rich Tobacco

For the people who miss the taste of tobacco but dislike the smell or want an easy transition from old school cigarettes to the trendy E-cigarettes such as RELX pods. Rich Tobacco is one of the flavours for many beginner users who want to move away from cigarettes when buying RELX pods.

Fresh Red

On a summer day what is more exciting than enjoying a refreshing cold watermelon with a fruity and watery punch! RELX pods fresh red is one of the iconic sweet flavours with a strong punch of flavoury goodness with every puff.

Tangy Purple

Grape lovers rejoice! RELX pods also offer tangy purple grape imitating the sensation of when you bite into a juicy grape and enjoy the burst of that refreshing fruit. Tangy Purple or Ice Grape is a more of a comfortable flavour for many vapers but also a very refreshing and commonly bought RELX pod flavour.

Arctic Mist

A cool breeze. Refreshing but also with a punch of minty flavour. Arctic Mist is a flavour many adventurous vapers enjoy whilst wanting a refreshing puff. Cold sensation that may deter vapers, but we guarantee you that the easy-to-use product of this RELX pod will make you enjoy another vaping experience!

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Sky Blue

The lush blue sky, a refreshing breeze and the warm dazzling sun with white clouds drifting away. Sky Blue gives you the impression that you are outside and soaking in the sun with your skin and breathing in the oxygen into your lungs and exhaling. A relaxing flavour and something to try when you feel a bit adventurous.


RELX pods flavours can be quite daunting for a beginner, but with our recommended suggestion we are sure you are bound to have a great vaping experience. Vaping Bus has one of the biggest selections of RELX pod flavours in the market. Buy your RELX Pod here today!

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