Which Vape should I buy?

At Vapingbus we offer a variety of vaping products with a plethora of flavours suitable for anybody. Whether you want to vape to experience the popularity of e cigarettes or give up smoking, here is our list of recommendations on choosing the correct vape for you.

What should I look for when buying a vape?

Pod System

Pod systems have open and closed systems each with different features and flavours. Closed pod systems are very simple to use requiring minimal power usage and thus lasting 1-2 days per charge depending on consumption. On the other hand, open pod systems allow for more flexibility with determining the flavour and nicotine strength. By having this flexibility, you can choose a lower strength e-liquid lowing your nicotine intake. Moreover, open pod systems are completely refillable until the pod itself needs to be replaced.

Our store has a variety of RELX vapes for sale, we recommend our RELX Infinity Pod Pro if you are looking to buy vapes. With 8 different flavours to choose from at a very affordable price, visit our RELX vape pods collection and choose your flavour and design.

Vape Pen

Vape pens are a common and popular choice for new vapers to curb their smoking habits and give up on cigarettes. With their unique shape of a pen, it simulates a similar feeling from cigarettes with less harmful effects. The shape itself assists in cigarette users as they use something they are familiar with. The vapour production does not produce copious amounts of vapour, they simply produce roughly the same amount of vapour as a cigarette would create with smoke. Moreover, the mouthpiece of vape pens is very similar to a cigarette allowing traditional smokers to be familiar with something they used to smoke.

RELX Vapes have an assortment of vape pens, our recommendation at Vaping bus is the RELX phantom series. With an improved vaping experience with a variety of flavours, this simple design even tracks the battery level of you vape whilst also preventing leakages unlike over vape pens. All these factors allow you to have a better vaping experience whilst you curb your smoking habits. Visit our RELX vape pen collections and choose your style.

What is the best type of Vape to buy?        

There are hundreds if not thousands of vapes in the market of e cigarettes suitable for different individuals, whether you are a new vaper or ex-smoker or someone who wants to transition out of cigarettes completely.

With a variety to choose from it may seem a little overwhelming as to which vape you should buy, our recommendation that is simple, easy to use and has little maintenance whilst packing itself with amazing flavour and a decent lifespan are our disposable vapes. With more than a variety of disposable vape designs to choose from, our suggestions are the HQD and IGET XXL


If you need a E-Cigarettes of wanting to buy vapes, visit our website now and get your RELX vape!

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