Vape Tricks

Vaping has become increasingly popular compared to traditional cigarettes. Revolutionising the old school cigarettes that are full of nicotine, vapes have proven to offer a plethora of options with different flavours as well as having less harmful effects than smoking. Other than these factors, another factor that is popularising vaping, are the vape tricks you may occasionally see on YouTube, Tik-Tok, Instagram or even your friends.

With a variety of vape pens such as the MSML M-Bar, MSML Marshmallow or RELX Infinity, you can now impress others with your ability to perform simple to complicated vape tricks such as the Ghost Inhale, The Waterfall or French Inhale.

The Waterfall

This is one of the simplest tricks and does not require you to inhale the vapour. Simply have a bottle with water frozen at the bottom. As you vape, blow the vapour inside the bottle then pour it out to create a mystical effect of a waterfall.

Ghost Inhale

Everyone knows Casper the friendly ghost, this trick is beginner friendly and not overly complex. The image is to release the vapour in a ball and inhale it. Using your RELX vape pen, or RELX Pod open your mouth in an O-shape and let it flow out instead of breathing it out. You can expand your mouth out as you let it out and experiment with the shape and flow speed. You can also use your tongue to help push the vapour ball away from your face and the density. A fast flick of your tongue will push the vapour further but make it less dense and the opposite is applied with a slower controlled flick. After creating the vapour ball, you want to inhale. Do not inhale the vapour into your lungs. You just need to suck it back in then breathe it back out. A more appealing effect is to have a wide mouth to inhale faster.

Blowing O’s

The classic trick of a smoke ring. Mastering this will make it a little easier to master the next trick that we have for you. Take a long drag and ensure that it remains suspended in your throat, like how you would gargle water, but there is no need to forcefully gargle it. Place your tongue at the bottom of your mouth near the back. Form an O shape with your lips and start making quick pulse movements from your throat to let out vapor shaped as letter “O”.

Multiple O’s

We’ve all tried blowing bubbles rings in a swimming pool before trying to have fun or impress our friends. Double and Triple O’s is the most common form of this vape trick. Let’s elevate this further and blow multiple O’s instead of just one O. Take a deep draw from your RELX vape pen. Put a finger at the middle of your O-shaped lips while gently tapping your throat using the other hand and exhale. While this might come off as complicated for the process, with some practise and experience. You will quickly attract the attention of everyone at parties or impress your mates.


Obviously, there are more complicated vape tricks that you can try but for starters, mastering these with your RELX vape pen or RELX Pod will certainly be a great start for impressing your mates and showing off your skills. At Vaping Bus we offer a variety of vape pens and vape pods. Buy your RELX vape pen or MSML vape now at our website!


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