A Guide on How to Vape

By its definition, vaping is the act of inhaling vapour that acts like smoke from a device that is an electronic cigarette or a vape. Vaping itself is a simulation and substitute to traditional tobacco smoking and is less harmful when done properly. Relx Vape products have been trending lately with increasing popularity and are of some of the highest quality vapes on the market whilst being highly affordable. For new Relx vape users, vaping may be a bit nerve wracking due to its complex market and complicated vape systems. Fear not, for today we will discuss how to vape and teach you the technique to experience a great vape with your Relx vape.


Inhalation Technique

The inhalation technique you use with your Relx vape is significantly important for ensuring a great experience. Incorrectly inhaling with your Relx vape can lead to an unpleasant experience, drawback or coughing fit intoxicated with nicotine. We cannot stress this enough. You must have the correct inhalation technique for your Relx Vape. Thankfully, Relx Vapes are designed to be easier to use, but even beginners make mistakes, so let us look further into the two popular inhalation techniques.


Mouth to Lung

Mouth to Lung inhalation is recommended for Relx vapes that are generally smaller in size. The relx vape should have a high resistance coil and have higher levels of nicotine. Now that we have clarified the type of Relx vape you should use for this inhalation technique we will explain how to. What you want is to slowly draw vapour into your mouth for a few seconds, this should be as simple as sucking air through a straw with a bit of friction. With the vapour in your mouth hold it for a second or two or slightly longer than open your mouth to breathe in the vapour to your lungs. Do not swallow!! Afterwards exhale the vapour once you can sense the vapour is in your lungs. This is a fairly simple technique and is the best method to simulate that throat kick many smoker’s crave, but only practise with your Relx Vape makes perfect and consistent!


Direct Lung

Relx vapes that are larger with low resistance coils and use low nicotine are appropriate for this technique. The technique is super simple. Quickly draw the vapour from your Relx vape into the lungs directly then immediately exhale the vapour.



Relx vapes are some of the most popular vapes on the vaping market. With a variety of devices customised with a plethora of flavours, Relx vapes are loaded and ready to provide you with the best vaping experience possible! To allow vapers and traditional cigarette users the best possible experience, Vaping Bus is here to provide for your vaping needs! Vaping Bus provides Australians with some of the highest quality Relx vaping devices at an astoundingly affordable price! If you have any questions feel free to contact us here or purchase your Relx Vapes!

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