An Introduction to E-liquid flavouring

Many may have heard of the term e-liquid or vape juice or e-juice. Now to clarify these terms all refer to the liquid substance contained in the Relx Sydney Vapes. Vape juices tend to exist in a variety of flavours to appeal to consumer preferences as well as including nicotine or zero nicotine options. Now, not many consumers may be interested in the contents of Relx Sydney e-liquid but today we will break down the components of E-liquid and its flavours.


E-Liquid Ingredients

Relx Sydney vapes include the following ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, artificial food-grade flavouring and Nicotine. Although nicotine is not necessarily always in Relx Sydney vapes as there are zero nicotine Relx Vape options. Propylene Glycol is one of the main ingredients of e-liquid. It is a lab-made substance used to distribute flavouring evenly in the liquid. Vegetable Glycerin is also an ingredient in the food industry as a sweetener; it’s also used in different kinds of medicines. Take care if you are allergic to Vegetable glycerin! Going through these ingredients is not completely the purpose of this article but for more information you can easily search these ingredients up and learn about their uses.



Flavouring encompasses up 1% to 10% of the total volume of e-juice. There are a plethora of countless e-liquid flavours. These flavours make the liquid a bit of a unique and provide a refreshing puff depending on the flavour you choose. The flavours that have been chosen are lab tested and mixed professionally in laboratories for safety. Whilst many people can experiment with their own mixture of flavours, it is generally dangerous and we recommend Relx Sydney vapers to purchase vapes with professional, authorised and legitimate brands.


Recommended Flavours

As e-liquids are a handful and come in various flavours, here are a few flavours that we recommend for our Relx Sydney vape users. Tangy purple, Rich Tobacco, Dark Sparkle, Fresh red, Raspy Ruby, Garden’s Heart, Ludou Ice and Menthol Plus. These are our go to recommendation for simple Relx Sydney vape beginners.



Relx vapes are some of the most popular vapes on the vaping market. With a variety of devices customised with a plethora of flavours, Relx Sydney vape users are looking for the next experience of vapes. To allow our loyal Relx Sydney vape users and traditional cigarette users the best possible experience, Vaping Bus is here to provide for their vaping needs! Vaping Bus provides Relx Sydney vapers with some of the highest quality Relx vaping devices at an astoundingly affordable price! If you have any questions feel free to contact us here or purchase your Relx Vapes!

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